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We have only German-language motorhome tours in the program. Our tour guides and most travel participants also speak English.
You can join on our tours but: all documents and the briefing is in German. We have many tour participants from European countries and some from the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand - most of them understood German.

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The SeaBridge philosophy of travel.

Everyone for himself - but not alone.

This is the principle of our motorhome tours. Here goes not the tour guide in front and everyone else to see how they come afterwards. There is no "pecking order" in the form of a numbering of the vehicles. Each tour participant traveling to their own driving style. In small organizations or individual drivers, equipped with the unique SeaBridge road book. With detailed day trips and directions as well as maps showing the pre-booked campsites all are relaxed in a position to cope with the daily stages. Move-tours at your own pace or - if provided - in the group stages on the loose. To take into account the individual needs of the traveler, only the amount is as little as possible, regulated as necessary.


A German travel guide accompanies the tour and is available with help and advice. In daily meetings in the evening the tour guide explained the program the following day, which also campfire romance should not be missed. Social Gathering will be organized with the help of the tour guide.


Driving in the closed, the entire group (convoy), we reject in principle, since it is associated with major limitations and stress situations. In general, small associations form of two to four vehicles to jointly cope with the daily stages. Some also drive alone to their own taste. The tour guide drives usually last vehicle and brings the group to the route. It runs by itself, but so are not alone, for example in an accident within a short time other trip participants and the tour guide on the spot.

No sticking to the bumper of the front man, not a permanent look in the rearview mirror on the back of man. In short, the drive according to your own needs guarantees pleasant and stress-free travel.

Itinerary and daily stages

The route is drawn up after tourist interest points. It is based here in the sights of supply and accommodation, as well as in the negotiability of commercial, road-going vehicles. The length of the daily stages is chosen so that one travels by daylight, time for breaks, shopping and sightseeing has. The driving time is usually 3 to 4 hours a day. Also, the recovery should not be neglected. Therefore, we have also planned beach and swim days.


SeaBridge-trips are carefully researched and explored. We do not do "Pilot Travel", which were previously worn only with the finger on the map.

Travel Review

Each participant fills an evaluation sheet after the tour. So we can respond to the expressed wishes of a majority of our fellow travelers on subsequent tours. Finally, your journey is indeed our service.

Ihr Benefit

Erleben Sie das Reisen ohne lästige Suche nach Stellund Campingplätzen oder Buchungen für Ausflüge. Dies und praktisch alle bürokratischen Belange nehmen wir Ihnen gerne ab. Sie können sich so ganz auf Land und Leute konzentrieren und die Reise stets genießen. Mit unserer Erfahrung bringen wir Sie zur besten Zeit in die schönsten Ecken der Welt.

Exclusive to SeaBridge: the road book

For each travel day you get three sheets usually. A sheet with the Tagesetappen- and Directions, a sheet with a road map and a sheet with the campground description, including driving directions. The Road-Book for our 140-day USA & Mexico tour has a circumference of nearly 400 pages! The quality of our Road-Books is always praised by the travelers are high. Quotes: "The best thing I've ever had in my hand better way to not do it!" Such comments can hone us with joy for further improvements.

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